About Us

Here’s the idea. It’s really quite simple:

To make cheap healthy meals for you and your family.

Not everybody has the skill to do this – some people may have lost the knack, others never had or even needed it. But the growing dependency on the local Food Bank got us thinking that here was a gap which perhaps we could begin to fill.

We had really enjoyed making and serving bacon butties to the crowds awaiting the arrival of the Olympic torch on the streets of Weymouth in 2012. So the 3 of us, who all enjoy cooking, got together and Frugal Food was born.

Fridays at the Park Church Community Centre find us putting out tables and chairs for coffee and biscuits whilst nearby the large tables are set out with chopping boards, peelers, vegetable knives and ‘frugal’ ingredients.

After those who’ve signed up for the workshop have met each other over tea and coffee we get started on this week’s recipe.



Each recipe serves a minimum of 2 people so we work in pairs to prepare the ingredients before popping them in the pot to cook. There’s peeling and chopping and quite a bit of chatting as we work out what to do and get to know one another as we work.

stirring the pot

Whilst some folk keep an eye on the pot, others clear the table ready to lay up for lunch. We always have tablecloths, napkins and flowers. We may be frugal but we still have style!

serving up


By 12.15 the one-pot meal is ready and we sit down together to share the fruits of our labours. Usually we have enough in the pot to invite others to join us so there are often up to 10 people sharing the meal together.

eating together at the table


We are learning to be frugal – most meals cost about 80p per person or less – but much more than that we are meeting new friends and enjoying each other’s company.
As one ‘frugal cook’ remarked after our first session:

“Those who aren’t here are missing a real treat.”

So don’t miss out why not come and join us?

We meet every Friday at the Park Church Community Centre in Chelmsford Street. If you would like to come to the next workshop then phone 07502 010858 or call in to see us. We can accommodate pre school children and up to 10 adults at each workshop. We look forward to seeing you there.

Sally, Val and Gill

Frugal: costing little. Food: a substance to maintain life and growth.